500 bar hot water diesel trailer

Brand Falch
Article number tj30-500-100-d
Type tj30
Group For rent

More info about 500 bar water jets:

High pressure unit 500 bar, 30 litres/minute, diesel, on galvanized trailer chassis.
2x burner 99 kW for water temperature up to 100°C
SIR certified.
Complete industrial version with spark arresters, full earthing of all components, throttle valve air supply motor, main switch at the battery.
Standard equipped with:
High pressure gun with 3x lance with rotating head, flat jet and point jet nozzle.
2x high pressure hose 30 meters on reel
25 meter water hose on reel
Emergency stop reel
Helmet with face shield and hearing protection
External water filter
Stainless steel box with various accessories
Recoil Force: Approx. 150 N

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