Vacuum installations

Van Spelden has been supplying pressure / vacuum installations since the very beginning, such as:

Pressure / vacuum trucks

Usually these installations are built on a rigid chassis. For hazardous substances, these are performed in ADR. Often they are carried out with a back cover for simple dumping of for example sludge. A high pressure pump is often also built up for spraying the tank and accessories. It is possible to deliver the structure according to the SIR guidelines.

Vacuum / high pressure combis

The basis for this is the vacuum truck. A large high-pressure pump has been built up for these installations. At low pressure (up to 200 bar) and a high flow rate, these are very suitable for cleaning sewers. But also high pressure (eg 1000 bar) for industrial applications is possible.

For the water tank of these machines we have a unique tank-in-tank construction. The water tank is built around the vacuum tank. The big advantages of this are a low center of gravity, which makes the handling of the vehicle much better. It is also possible to draw the water tank full by means of vacuum. But also the stronger construction and the nicer smooth appearance of the tank play a part in this.

Vacuum installations under tank trailers

Under vacuum tank trailers it is possible to build vacuum installations that are driven hydraulically or with diesel engines. Often these pumps are smaller than the pumps that are built directly on the tractor, but an advantage is that the tractor is more easily interchangeable because only a hydraulic installation has to be built up. The advantage of the diesel engine version is that it can run without a tractor.

Vacuum installations on smaller trailers

These installations can also be mounted on trailers up to 3,500 kg. This makes it easier to reach smaller locations, but this can also be very useful for the small sewer work. Often these installations are equipped with a petrol or diesel engine. The vacuum tanks on these trailers are usually no larger than 2000 liters.

Vacuum installations on deposit frames

We have also built a vacuum installation on the sales frame several times. The advantage of this is that the truck can be used for various purposes. The pump is usually hydraulically driven.

Fixed installations on a frame that can be moved with forklift or crane

Fixed installations are also possible where the pump can be driven with a combustion engine or an electric motor. This can be useful for installations that are located in factory halls or outside on a site.