Water jetting up to 2500 bar

A 2500 bar high-pressure cleaner is perfect for blasting ships, removing bitumen, roughening or even removing concrete and removing road markings. When you rent this high-pressure cleaner, you can easily use it for different surfaces and purposes.

The 2500 bar high pressure cleaner delivers an ultra high pressure

Due to the ultra-high pressure of the 2500 bar high-pressure cleaner, the water is sprayed at very high speed against the surface to be cleaned. With a rotating nozzle, steel is blasted completely blank and with a point jet it is even possible to remove reinforced concrete. This means that the cleaning or roughening of your surfaces is done in one go. The high-pressure cleaner has a diesel engine and rotating nozzles, a floor cleaner and pipe cleaning. In addition, the 2500 bar high-pressure cleaner is also equipped with hoses and other accessories.

Get rid of dirty surfaces quickly

If you rent a professional 2500 bar high-pressure cleaner from Van Spelden, you can deal with dirty surfaces quickly and professionally. Our units are of high quality, so you can fully rely on our cleaning tools. Would you like a lower pressure? Check whether the 1000 bar high-pressure cleaner is suitable for your job. For more information or expert advice, our employees can be reached by telephone on +31 183 509999.


HD unit 2500 bar trailer

2500 bar, 20 L/min., diesel, 45m HP-hose, flat-/point jet nozzle. Brochure (link)

Presentation 2500 bar unit

Ship renovation

Multiworker 250