About us

About us

In 1991 Van Spelden RRM cv started as a repairs company, repairing industrial cleaning materials like high pressure and vacuum trucks.

Quickly the company grew larger and larger, until in 1993 the company workspace needed to increase. Our work also expanded into the assembly of new industrial cleaning materials.

In 1996 the repairworks were further expanded, as we started repairing stationairy as well as mobile high pressure installations. This growth forced us to split the repairs and assembly works into 2 different work groups:

Van Spelden Reparatie B.V. and Van Spelden Assemblage B.V.

Because of the constant increase in work, it was decided in 1997 to build a new and bigger building.

In 1999 an arrangement was made with Johnson Pump (UK) about distributing RTP pumps in the Benelux. Because of the wide appliance possibilities of the RTP pumps, they’re an ideal fit for the transport sector.

In 2002 a new workgroup was founded; Van Spelden Verhuur B.V., for the purpose of renting out pressure/vacuumtrucks, and mobile and stationairy high-pressure installations.

In 2010, Dijkstra Tankbouw was aquired, and we restarted the production of new Dijkstra tanker semi-trailers and trailers. Under the name of Van Spelden we’re now building all sorts of Dijkstra trailers, and we aquired a wide variety of Dijkstra spare parts.

In 2016 Van Spelden celebrated its 25 years anniversary. We did this by hosting an open party for all our business relations in and around the company building, showcasing various parts of our history and work. We could have never reached this milestone without you!

At the end of 2017, Van Spelden Reparatie B.V. and Van Spelden Assemblage B.V. merged, and the new name of this operating company is Van Spelden Industrial Cleaning Equipment B.V.

We have also taken this opportunity to introduce a new corporate design so the RRM has disappeared in the name.

Van Spelden is VCA certified and does official inspections and certifying for the party of industrial cleaning. We also do certified schooling for students of technical schools, and provide work experience.