Water jetting up to 1000 bar

1000 bar high pressure cleaner

This is the bigger brother of the 500 bar machine. Where 500 bar is just not sufficient, this 1000 bar unit comes in handy. This ensures that the tank, floor or other surface that you handle with the unit is thoroughly cleaned. In addition, the pollution quickly washes away. In addition, the relatively low flow rate ensures that you can also clean under water with high pressure with this high-pressure cleaner. If you rent this high-pressure cleaner, you have access to a versatile unit that allows you to easily clean many different surfaces.

The 1000 bar high-pressure cleaner even performs excellently under water

The 1000 bar high-pressure cleaner is mainly used for cleaning scaffolding material and roughening concrete. Often a 500 bar unit is just not sufficient for this, but with the 1000 bar unit all concrete residues disappear like snow in the sun. The HD unit has a diesel engine and a rotating nozzle to create an optimal cleaning effect. In addition, the 1000 bar high-pressure cleaner is also equipped with hoses and other accessories. In addition, the unit has a dump gun and because the recoil force is not very large with this machine, it is very suitable for use under water.

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Do you have a large cleaning job? Then rent a 1000 bar high-pressure cleaner from Van Spelden! Our units are of high quality. If 1000 bar is not enough, see if our 2500 bar high-pressure cleaner is right for you. Our employees are happy to provide you with expert advice and help you find the most suitable high-pressure cleaner. For questions about this high-pressure cleaner and our other cleaning tools, please contact us on 0183 509999.