Tank trailers


The DIJKSTRA® was reborn in 2011; after a small decade, the new construction of tank trailers and trailers has started again for the transport of liquid products.

The trademark DIJKSTRA® stands for solid and reliable products which are now fully produced in Werkendam, Holland. We are specialists in (tipping) pressure / vacuum tank trailers with the required pump installations, chemical and food trailers are not longer part of our delivery program.

Pressure/vacuum tanktrailers

Pressure / vacuum tank trailers are mainly used in industrial cleaning. They are designed for a working pressure of -1 (vacuum) to 3 bar. This means that powerful waste can be sucked up by vacuuming the tank with a suitable pump installation (mounted on the trailer or on the tractor). This tank complies with chapter 6.10 of the ADR (pressure / vacuum tanks) and has L4AH / S4AH as tank code. In addition to liquids, you can also transport solids in this tank, namely ADR classes 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9. By tipping the tank on this trailer, you can easily dispose the sludge in the tank on a desired location.