Tank trailers

The DIJKSTRA® was reborn in 2011; after a small decade, the new construction of tank trailers and trailers has started again for the transport of liquid products.

The trademark DIJKSTRA® stands for solid and reliable products which are now fully produced in Werkendam, Holland. The diversity of products such as chemical tank trailers, food tank trailers, but also (tipping) pressure / vacuum tank trailers with the required pump installations are part of the delivery program.

Chemical tanktrailers

Chemicals tank trailers are used to transport liquid hazardous substances. For this transport to proceed safely these trailers are built according to the ADR regulations. We are specialists in this. We build your trailer with the latest technology and according to the latest ADR regulations. We deliver your trailer with ADR certificate and ensure that you can get safely on the road with a large amount of hazardous liquids. Your chemical trailer is designed and built entirely according to your wishes. For example, these trailers are available with insulation around the tank, heating systems, cleaning options and pump installations to get the liquids easily in or out of your trailer. You can also choose partition walls in the tank, so that you can take different liquids together.

Food tanktrailers

These trailers are used to transport liquid food products. Think of dairy products, glucose, vegetable oils, cocoa mass / butter and chocolate. Some products have to be transported cool, others need to be kept warm to enable proper transport. We have the knowledge to build the right trailer for the product you are transporting. After all, each product requires different transport conditions. These trailers are also available with insulation, heating, cooling and cleaning options. We can also mount a pump installation suitable for your product on the trailer.

Pressure/vacuum tanktrailers

Pressure / vacuum tank trailers are mainly used in industrial cleaning. They are designed for a working pressure of -1 (vacuum) to 3 bar. This means that powerful waste can be sucked up by vacuuming the tank with a suitable pump installation (mounted on the trailer or on the tractor). This tank complies with chapter 6.10 of the ADR (pressure / vacuum tanks) and has L4AH / S4AH as tank code. In addition to liquids, you can also transport solids in this tank, namely ADR classes 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9. By tipping the tank on this trailer, you can easily dispose the sludge in the tank on a desired location.