Repair, renovation, maintenance and repairing damage of:

  • Vacuum trucks / -trailers and other stationary or mobile vacuum systems
  • High pressure water jet systems from 100 bar pressure for sewage cleaning pumps to up to 3000 bar ultra high pressure waterjet pumps
  • Tank trailers for chemicals, food and vacuum transport
  • Solids suction / blowing units with mainly rootsblowers

If desired, we also perform these tasks at the by you designated location. With our fully equipped service vehicle with a lot of special tools, we can also solve many on-site problems and do maintenance . All our employees VCA certified.

Revision of

  • Vacuum pumps, like waterring as well as vane pumps, of the brands: Sterling Sihi, Nash Elmo (Siemens), Gardner Denver Wittig, CVS, Samson, Hibon
  • High-pressure pumps of the brands: Uraca, Woma, Falch, Speck, Kamat
  • Compressors brands: CVS, Gardner Denver Wittig, Quincy
  • Lobe pumps of the brand RTP

We have revised many of these pumps and put them in stock, so you don’t have to wait for a revision!

If you have a pump from a different brand, do not hesitate to call us anyway. Chances are that we can be of service to you!


ADR / VLG three- and six-year tank inspections for your tank or tank trailer. We have all the resources in stock to approve your vehicle as soon as possible such as an our own water storage capacity of 50 m3. The time we need to get your vehicle approved is, with most vehicles, a maximum of a week.

MOT / VLG annual inspection for ADR vehicles fully catered for you. Van Spelden is RDW acknowledged.

SIR examinations for your cleaning vehicles, both pressure and vacuum units, and high-pressure water jet systems. Van Spelden is a SIR approved testing and certification authority with its own pressure testing device for high pressure equipment up to 4500 bar test pressure.