Multiworker 250

Brand Falch
Type Multiworker 250
Group For rent

The Falch Multiworker is the perfect semi-automatic solution for (ultra) high pressure cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings. The biggest advantage is the ergonomic working (without recoil force) and the shorter throughput time of the blasting work. Larger pumps (up to 250 kW) can also be used, which shortens the lead time even further. The multiworker works electrically with a connection of 400V 16A and has simple operation. This is standard equipped with a rotating nozzle Ø150mm, but an electrically driven nozzle cross of Ø250mm can also be mounted. It is also possible to mount an oscillating lance for the removal of concrete.

The multiworker is easy to convert so that it can be moved perpendicular to the nozzle and can even be attached to a platform (eg a cherry picker).

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