Tank approval ADR pneumatic excavator

ADR tank checks are meanwhile cut cake for us we can say. We will not be amazed with some exotic vehicles, but this big boy was a challenge! Nevertheless, it was again (with valued assistant from the driver) to get it again 3 years 'proof'.

A. De Reus has several of these machines and uses them to perform suction, excavation or blowing work in difficult to reach places. Like vacuuming cellars and silos. But also for remediation work, road maintenance, clean-up work after calamities and the release of cables, pipes and tree roots.

Due to the gigantic suction capacity (19,000 m3 / h), these units suck soil, gravel, sand, water, sludge, split, slag, ash, powder, wood chips, coal, cement, mixtures of substances, large stones to +/- 10 Kilograms and other materials up to Ø 27 centimeters.