About us


We place high demands on our quality. We know that our machines sometimes have to operate in stressful situations where safe work is required. By delivering a high-quality product it is possible that this does not lead to unpleasant or unsafe situations. We think along with the operators who have to operate our machines. We process their feedback into our product so that the quality is guaranteed.

Coupled with the quality. It is possible that your vacuum installation lasts longer than the chassis and that after decades it can be rebuilt on a new chassis. This saves you in the long term not only a lot of money but is also good for the environment. Because we do not have to produce a tank again, we save on these raw materials and all related logistical movements.

We determine the type and execution according to your wishes. We build everything to measure, so that a lot, if not everything is possible. This creates an optimal product and more importantly, a satisfied user. We will take you into the design phase and try to assemble the product according to your wishes.

Our products adorn through their simplicity. By saving as much as possible on all kinds of sensors (within the safe frameworks) and performing as much as possible mechanically, we ensure that our vacuum installations are easy to operate. This causes fewer faults and is more pleasant to work with. Should a malfunction occur, this can also easily be remedied.

This starts at the design stage. We strive to process your wishes as much as possible in our design. This continues during the production of your machine. If you want to have some adjustments at that moment, we will not be bothered about that either. But this does not stop at the delivery. We also try to unburden you as much as possible during the use of your machine should anything occur.
We like to see satisfied customers that we can build a long-term relationship with. This is better for both parties and saves a lot of dissatisfaction in the long term, but also a lot of money.